100 DAYS????

Thu, 07 Sep 2006 04:06:06 

The unholy alliance between the Picayune and the Nagin administration seems to be crumbling. There’s an hilarious front pager this morning about an internal debate at City Hall. Is it about housing? No. Is it about crime? No. Is it about who gets to buff and wax C Ray’s head next? No. It’s about *when* the 100 days “plan” will be released. The Naginites seem to have a hard time counting y’all. I’m not sure if they use a calculator abacus or Rob Couhig’s fingers and toes. Here’s an extended passage from Michelle (Drum Boogie) Krupa’s story:

“…the mayor hosted a two-hour news conference in late July where he City Hall directors and community leaders offered evidence of progress toward the deadline which Nagin said would fall on Sept. 6 — today.

But counting from his inauguration today actually is the 98th day of Nagin’s second term; the 100-day mark falls on Friday.

Meanwhile Nagin said last week during his economic development jaunt to New York City that the 100 days culminates on Sunday. City Hall would mark the occasion with an announcement Nagin said though he didn’t say what day that announcement might come.

Couhig said Tuesday that he plans to update Nagin today on his committee’s progress but would not release details without the mayor’s approval.

Nagin intended the 100 days to be construed “not as a time period ” Couhig said but rather a short-range campaign to focus the attention of community leaders and his staff on quality-of-life issues such as trash collection and crime reduction that weigh on residents’ decisions to stay in New Orleans.

“I think the 100 days has a historical ring to it ” Couhig said “and it’s coincidental that it ends up two days after Labor Day.”

That is of course if today is indeed Day 100.”

Folks you cannot make this stuff up. The Naginites can’t count and they can’t STFU about how they can’t count. Dr. A and I hung out with Dangerblond last night and she’s so mad at Mayor Clown Ray that she said that she can’t joke about him any more. I’m angry too but I’m never too mad to mock a fool; especially since I think that there may well be method in his madness. Clancy Dubos has a brilliant column about C Ray as “double agent” in this week’s Gambit:

“If there is a vast white conspiracy to keep poor blacks who have been displaced by Hurricane Katrina from moving back to the city it could not have a better front man than Clarence R. Nagin mayor of New Orleans.

Nagin’s mindless self-serving utterances combined with his singular failure to devise and implement a recovery plan virtually guarantee that the rest of America will abandon us which means that those without means left to fend for themselves will be left behind — or left out completely. As clueless as he is the mayor surely must know this.

That Nagin should secretly champion the very conspiracy he so publicly attacks only adds to the deftness with which he advances the cause. Indeed he makes the perfect double-agent…”

I think that Clancy should stop mincing his words about Nagin and tell us what he really thinks.

The biggest problem for those of us who remain here is figuring out what we can do about a recently re-elected Mayor?  I’m not sure. The odds against recalling C Ray are long indeed but I think that a concerted attempt *could* rattle his cage or at least convince the City Council that it is time to end the state of emergency. Right now Debrisville has the worst form of government imaginable: a weak banana republic-style dictatorship that’s a front for the monied interests. The problem is that with the possible exception of  Stacy Head nobody on the Council has the cojones to get in C Ray’s face and tell him to lead or get the hell out of the way. Until someone with a politcal base relentlessly whaps Nagin upside the head the drift will continue.

UPDATE: Bayou St. John David has a typically sagacious post over at Moldy City entitled “100 Days Of Couhig.”


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