Fri, 08 Sep 2006 19:14:15 

When I posted last night all that was online was the Picayune’s preliminary front pager on Vince the murderous idiot. The full story printed this morning had a great money quote about Marinello’s possible motive: “In addition to money sought in the annulment another relative of Liz Marinello’s Claudia LaBue said her sister was planning to pursue criminal charges of bigamy against Marinello. Relatives said they think Marinello wanted to stop her before she could ruin his name.”

It might be a bad choice but most people would probably rather be thought of as a bigamist than as a murderer. (In some parts of Utah bigamy is no big whoop after all.) But Vince is  made ot sterner stuff than that: he’s also the fool who made the to d’oh list and failed to add DESTROY to the end of the list.

The latest news on the Marinello case is that his lawyers are trying to raise bond money for their client. Someone will either have to put up 10% ($25K) cash or a property worth $250K. I hope they don’t make it. We don’t want Vince going out and getting married again. Of course he’s not much of a catch now.

Several other bloggers have posted about the Marinello case. I thought that was bigamy to point that out. <rim shot>  Ray has a short and funny piece wherein he calls Vince an ultra-maroon. Dangerblond has an exotic and eccentric theory about Vince the Bigamist. And Ernie the Attorney does that voodoo that he do so well…



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