Fri, 08 Sep 2006 05:09:43 

Debrisville sportscaster radio talk show host and bigamist Vince Marinello was arrested Thursday and charged with the second degree murder of his estranged wife Liz. The whole story is like something out of a Carl Hiassen novel: a twisted crime saga with a surreal overlay. 

Initially Liz Marinello’s murder was described as a botched robbery attempt. It didn’t convince the victim’s family or anyone else: nothing was stolen by her killer who was described as a scruffy looking guy on a bicycle. The scruffy man turned out to be Marinello himself but it wasn’t until yesterday that Jefferson Parish Sheriff Harry Lee called the murder a “hit.” It was a bizarre locale for a hit: Old Metairie which is one of the wealthiest hoods hereabouts. In between writing about her late mother-in-law’s Nixon fixation Dangerblond had an excellent post earlier this week about the area and the early reports of the slaying.

I guess Marinello thought that he’d “planned” the murder but it’s best described as a hair brained scheme. He bumbled about publicly doing things like buying a fake mustache for his disguise and going to a gun store to make sure that his .38 worked. He also bought some teflon coated bullets which matched the ones that killed Liz. I’m glad that Vince is such an idiot: it made the cops’ work easier. He’s a local celebrity albeit one who’s well past his prime so naturally the people who sold him incriminating stuff remembered selling it to Marinello.

But the dumbest thing Vince did was to leave a handwritten to do list of his “plan” in his FEMA trailer. Yes that’s right folks the idiot didn’t destroy the list after rubbing out poor Liz. Here’s the money quote from the Picayune story:

“On a piece of paper inside the FEMA trailer where he lived near his ruined Lakeview home Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office detectives investigating the death of Liz Marinello found a to-do list of sorts with checks beside each entry: mustache and beard bicycle gun — even a reminder to throw away the weapon.”

Once the detectives saw what could be most accurately described as a to d’oh list   it was all she wrote for Vince Marinello. Why was Marinello so stupid and/or arrogant? I think he expected to be bailed out by the good old boy network: both JP Sheriff Harry Lee and his right hand man John Fortunato are old friends of Vince’s. (Fortunato in fact is married to WDSU anchor Kris Fairbairn who worked side by side with Marinello when he was sports director at channel 6. ) Marinello was wrong wrong wrong; despite a few clumsy statements by Harry Lee JP detectives were allowed to work the case. Good work y’all.

Bond for Marinello’s release was set way too low: $250 000. I understand why he wasn’t charged with first degree murder BUT I don’t think accused killers should be bonded out. Perhaps the old boy network finally kicked in when the bond was set. Marinello has not made bond as of this writing and I hope that he rots in a cell in Gretna until his case is resolved.

If Marinello doesn’t cop a plea I predict that his lawyer Chip Foret will use a post-K PTSD defense reminiscent of the infamous Twinkie defense used by Dan White’s lawyer in the Moscone-Milk murder case back in 1980. White killed two prominent San Francisco politicians and served only 5 years in prison.

I’ll let Liz Marinello’s mother Bertha Norman have the last word on the piece of shit her daughter married:

“We all knew that he was guilty. I just did not know that he had the guts to pull the trigger himself.”


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