Sun, 10 Sep 2006 18:40:35

The Picayune is getting scooped on stories in its own backyard by the national press. They ran a story today about expats returning to NOLA post-K. Not a bad article but three of the same people” Ashley Morris Ray Shea Mark Folse and their families were featured in the LA Times way back on August 9th. Go team Picayune.

In other blogger related items Gordon Russell let the preternaturally feisty Karen Gadbois have the last word in what was otherwise a puff piece about C Ray’s District B rap session. Here it is:

“Early in his remarks Nagin chided the news media for recent reports questioning the timing and apparent lack of substance of a “100-day plan” he announced after his election. “They’re asking ‘Can we count to 100? When did it start? What do we mean?’ ” Nagin said prompting a woman in the audience Karen Gadbois to retort: “Well you said it.”

Nagin grinned. “I understand I said it ” he said. “It’s just not that big a deal. Well it is a big deal but not the way it’s being portrayed.”

While most in the audience chuckled along with the mayor Gadbois who lives in Carrollton pronounced herself unmoved after the meeting. “I think he glossed over the real issues ” she said. “I’m still upset about the 100 days. And I’d like to hear what plan he has other than market forces. I’d like some specifics. His honeymoon’s over.”

Attagirl Karen. I hope you left some teeth marks when you bit C Ray in the ass. Chomp.

There’s one more blogger related Picayune item to report. Editor B and XY were featured for the 11th time in Stephanie Bruno’s Long Road Home series in Saturday’s paper. Bart’s library fund raising efforts were mentioned but they didn’t print the picture of Bart in a suit and Professor Homan in the beer hat. I smell a coverup…

Finally Chris Rose has belatedly noticed the fact that folks are peeved with C Ray for being out of town so much. Yo Chris you’re about 5 weeks behind the curve as usual. The bloggers have been talking about the Exploding Pie Tour for weeks. Btw Chris the Car 54 joke was really lame. Jeez now I’m channeling Jeffrey the cranky librarian.

Of course Chris Rose works for the Picayune whose motto seems to be: better late than never…


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