Wed, 27 Sep 2006 04:17:29

Headline hunting backwoods State Senator James David Cain is running for insurance commissioner against city slicker Jim Donelon. Cain is best known (to me at least) as the sponsor of the beat the flag burner bill. You heard me right Cain is not just anti-flag torching he wants to kick flag burner ass. Hmm I wonder if Cain is opposed to fire insurance for flag burners as well. It would be consistent. The real reason Cain is running is that he’s term limited out of his Senate seat and he needs a place to rest his redneck.

The Insurance Commissioner’s race has been entertaining but not very edifying The candidates have traded insults about ponzi schemes pensions parties but haven’t had much to say about the issues. It’s a pity: in the post-K environment this is an important job. One thing that Cain and Donelon agree on is that they hope to to join Robert Wooley as unindicted and unjailed commissioners which is a novelty for the Gret Stet after all. It’s been so petty that I expect the Cain camp to start mocking Mrs. Donelon’s nickname: Mopsy. Yes that’s right Mopsy. I’m above such things…

Since both Cain and Donelon are Democrats turned Repubs it’s not a very appealing choice for the likes of me. While the Earl LongDellasoups Morrison routine is sort of funny I’m rather tired of the whole statewide campaign as entertainment thing. If obliged to choose I suppose I’d pick Donelon BUT right now I’m leaning towards voting for Libertarian SBA Zaitoon who is running to transform the office into an appointed one. I don’t usually take the third party option but Cain and Donelon are acting like bozos and we’ve had clowns aplenty as insurance commissioner. It’s time to turn away from large shoes and small cars…


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