Thu, 05 Oct 2006 18:05:44

C Ray’s unofficial motto is” “Trust me I’m not Morial.” I guess that’s why he thinks that city contracts and finances are his business and not the public’s. He’s not Morial ergo he can be trusted. The latest financial hinkiness involves the city’s new trash contract. This morning’s front pager in the Picayune informed us that City Hall has declined to provide any details of the contract.  Then of course the Mayor claimed otherwise on the WWL Morning News but so far none of the details have either been released to the press or posted on the City’s web site. So much for transparency. I’m not an expert on city finances so for much more on the way that Nagin Administration is playing hide the financial ball get thee to Moldy City.

I’m also skeptical about the new semi-automated trash collection system. Sanitation Director Veronica White has neither sought public input nor explained exactly how the system will work. There was a good op-ed piece in the Picayune by Robyn Blanpied which expresses some of the same concerns raised by Mark at the Wet Bank Guide last week.

I wish that City Hall would stop expecting the public to be mind readers and explain how they’re spending our tax money. Perhaps the new collection program will work out BUT this administration tends to wing it and not think things through. Asking the public to trust them is not enough: trust must be earned and Nagin’s track record does not inspire trust in this corner of Debrisville. The devil is always in the details and C Ray is not a detail man. He does however have his own personal SATAN and I think you know who I’m talkin’ about…


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