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 Mon, 20 Aug 2007 15:37:23

A front pager by Frank Donze in Sunday’s Picayune punched all of my OT buttons. It was a paen to Oliver Thomas humanitarian and all around nice guy. Oh yeah this is the same guy who resigned in digrace after pleading guilty to taking bribes from Morial bag man Pampy Barre. Boo-hoo poor misunderstood Oliver: the man who calls a bribe an “inappropriate gift.”  Okay so he’s a nice guy and doesn’t organize dog fights ala Michael Vick. He’s still a crook y’all. I met Edwin Edwards and he was a nice guy crook too. EWE was also an effective Governor in his first two terms whereas Oliver the Actor was too busy schmoozing and betting on the ponies to get anything done other than blocking the return of recycling to Debrisville. 

Amidst the dross of Donze’s article there were some tidbits that illustrate *why* Oliver would have been a lousy Mayor:

“But veteran City Hall observers often noted that Thomas rarely seemed to have a clear policy agenda picking and choosing issues as they arose.

His interests were unpredictable and sometimes even off-the-wall shown in the sometimes bizarre resolutions he would introduce endorsing causes as obscure as humaculture described in his resolution as “a study of the self with ‘how to’ tools for realigning the self to live at one’s maximum potential.”

No clear agenda? Off the wall? Sounds like C Ray to me. And like C Ray Oliver the Actor was known for making bold statements and then crawfishing when the shit hit the fan. Remember when he said post-K that “soap opera watchers” weren’t welcome back to public housing? He spent months backpedaling on that one out of fear of losing the all important All My Children vote… 

I think it’s time for us to tell Oliver’s army… 

…that’s it time to stop all of their sobbing: