Sun, 13 Apr 2008 03:21:57

Ashley’s funeral was a real Tale Of Two Cities moment: it was the best of times and the worst of times. There were many tears and much laughter. The speeches by Ray Oyster and two old friends of Ashley were fabulous; especially Ray’s take on Kermit Ruffins’ This Is New Orleans. And Howie Luvzus did a great job presiding over the event as the minister selected by the atheist…

My main fear about being a pallbearer didn’t happen: we didn’t drop the coffin; mostly thanks to Mr. Clio and Dillyberto. It *almost* slipped once but we didn’t screw up. Of course Ashley would have been the first to laugh if we’d dropped the casket…

The Jazz procession at the cemetery was led by Ashley’s favorite the Hot 8 Brass Band. The entombment was the hardest part of the day but the second line after it and the subsequent wake we’re joyful as hell. We drank too much swore too much and toasted the Mime repeatedly. 

I’ve posted Dr. A’s pictures at our Flickr site. LINK.  Derek Howie and Karen have posted some snaps of the Jazz funeral as well.  

UPDATE: Lisa Pal and Maitri have also posted pictures. 


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