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PLANNING DEJA VU Fri, 26 Sep 2008 15:50:07

Hippies were big on deja vu the trippy notion that stuff repeats man. The powers that be in Debrisville are also big on deja vu man. There are more fracking planning meetings. In this instance they’re for a master plan as opposed to a recovery plan BUT the recovery planning meetings often covered ideas to be used in a master plan. Additionally there was a  completed but never voted upon master plan pre-K. Do we really need to go back to the drawing board and shell out more consultant fees?

Whassup with this? I realize that some people *love* meetings but the latest planning frenzy seems a bit fishy to me. The pre-K master plan leaned in the preservationist direction which probably made it insufficiently pro-demolition to suit C Ray Kaiser Ed and developers. I gave up in disgust on the planning process after only attending 444 meetings but many of my readers perservered out of either dedication or… uh…perversity. Any of you lot have any thoughts on the latest round? I could be wrong BUT my experience with the planocrats has made me suspicious. 

Speaking of hippies and deja vu here’s CSNY: