The Adrastos Wayback Machine

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This site is a partial archive of my 2005-2011 blog-city blog. Why a partial record? It’s a pain in the ass to upload the .xml files to any site so I’m opting for a Best of Adrastos approach here at WordPress.

I don’t expect to put all of my favorite posts up at once. Instead, I’ll be moving slowly and posting in an oddly methodical fashion for such a haphazard writer. My focus will be on New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the Federal Flood but I’ll branch out to make sure that the Best of Adrastos reflects my quirks as a blogger. You were warned. More warnings after the break.

There were some technical difficulties in transferring my posts to a new online home. Many of the pictures and most of the YouTube videos didn’t make it. I’ll delete some of them but I’ll miss others what can I say? I told you I was quirky and haphazard.

The biggest oddity in the transfer process is that most of the commas have gone missing. If anyone call tell where me where they’re hiding, please do so. I *may* restore commas to some posts but it will be a sporadic, hit and miss process.

I have no current plans to write anything new here. My first priority remains the grooviest team blog on the interweb, First Draft. I hope y’all enjoy this waltz down memory lane.

That is all.


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