411803916 A NEW NOLA BLOG Thu, 14 Sep 2006 16:53:02 ”

It’s shameless plug time here at the Adrastos Virtual Cafe. A friend of mine has resumed blogging under the pen name of Celcus. He first blogged last year in lieu of sending out mass emails to friends” romans and countrymen. His blog is called Some Came Running. I’m not really sure if the title is an hommage to the novel by James Jones or the Vincente Minelli helmed film version thereof that starred Frank Sinatra Shirley MacLaine and Dean Martin. Rat Pack city dude.

Celcus prefers to remain anonymous for now. Suffice it to say that he’s another NOLA blogger/activist type. I know him from the activist network and he’s a helluva nice guy and regular reader of this blog. The poor bastard. He also has good taste in music which of course means that we like many of the same people. The last time we met we discussed the comparative merits of bass gods Chris Squire and Tony Levin or summat like that…

Welcome Celcus. I feel as if I should say Hail Caesar while I’m at it. Of course I’m not sure which Caesar I’m hailing: Sid? Claudius? Rosas? Chavez? The salad?


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