The Vitter Files

412020301 VITTY CENT LEAVES THE BUNKER Mon, 16 Jul 2007 18:04:25

This just in: reknown whoremonger wuss and winger Senator David Vitter will *finally* emerge from seclusion and face the proverbial music some time around 5PM. I expect that he’ll make a brief statement and then skedaddle without taking questions. WWL promises live coverage on the teevee and the net. LINK.

Oyster has linked to posts by 2 principled Louisiana conservative bloggers who are calling for Vitter to zip up his pants (unpin his diaper?) and resign. Well done gentleman. LINK.

412020398 VITTY’S MODIFIED LIMITED HANGOUT Mon, 16 Jul 2007 22:44:27

I’m in the throes of having another Nixon era flashback after watching Vitty Cent’s brief and ineffective appearance in Metry. Vitty only admitted to the DC madam story and continues to deny any other whoring and/or diapering about. The mystery of Vitty’s statement is why it took him so long if his plan was to continue stonewalling. Where’s Tricky Dick when a Republican in trouble needs him? Dead. It’s damn thoughtless of him…

The high point for me was when Vitty attempted to make his problem look like a liberal conspiracy and stated flatly that he’d continue fighting for the “same values” as always. It was a vintage snitty snooty Vitty: arrogant and self righteous. He doesn’t do humility well y’all.

His spouse Wendy was slightly more effective but if they think that a 6 minute joint statement without taking any questions will stop the feeding frenzy they’ve got another thing coming. Just wait until he gets back to Washington and tries the “I won’t take any questions about my zipper problems” approach. It will be very interesting to see how Bobby Jindal handles the inevitable questions about his erstwhile ally.

Ahh I love the smell of burning wingnut on a summer evening…


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