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Tue, 24 Jan 2006 00:12:46

It’s been a gray and gloomy day here in Debrisville. I’m feeling UV withdrawal cravings.  It’s supposed to perk up tomorrow but we really need the Candyman to bring us a sunbeam or two.

Item-1 Crawfish Shortage: A Picayune front page story delivered some bad but not unexpected culinary news: we’re facing a serious crawfish shortage. Katrina and Rita wiped out an estimated 80% of this year’s crawfish crop which could make peeled Louisiana crawfish tail meat cost up to $30 per pound. That is *if* you can find it at all. Now some folks are willing to eat Chinese and Vietnamese crawfish but I think they taste fishy and I’m talking bad fishy.

My non-Debrisville readers need to understand how important crawfish is to our local culture. The crawfish boil is to Louisiana what barbecuing is to North Carolinians or cooking lamb on a spit is to Greeks or cooking chili is to Texans.  Woe is me no crawfish boils. I think I need a beer…

Item-2 The Raving Monster Loony Party Of NOLA?: There was a swell op-ed piece in the Picayune by a non-journo named Lizette Wroten wherein (a word that all lawyers even lapsed ones use) she concludes that the “we’re all in this together” feeling of the early post-K era is going going gone. Ms Wroten quite accurately writes: “It’s become apparent to me that people have divided along two lines in this post-Katrina backstretch. There are the gloomies and there are the loonies. It’s the loonies I’m taken with.”

I’m trying hard to be one of the loonies but there are times when I misplace my sense of humor and become a gloomy. (Today’s weather was so gloomy that it drove me loony.) The reaction to C Ray’s Chocolate City gaffe was split along gloomy and loony lines as well: the loonies giggled and the gloomies screamed in either support or indignation.

Perhaps it’s time to establish a branch of the Raving Monster Loony Party here in Topsy Turvy Town. Why should we let the Brits have all the fun? Of course we do have our College of Clowns the City Council so the loony tradition is *already* part of our politics; not to mention the Krewe de Vieux. Btw that satirical parade’s King this year is Walter “Mr. Bill” Williams. (Not to be confused with ex-major league player Walt “No Neck” Williams.) It’s uncertain as to whether Sluggo will appear to stomp on the King’s float during the parade. Ohh nooo. Hmm I wonder if Katrina is Sluggo’s evil twin sister; it could explain a great deal…



Mon, 09 Jan 2006 04:37:39

Ah, Sunday the day of rest BUT not for a weary slightly bleary eyed blogger Something always catches my fancy…

Item-1 BART THE BEARD EATS A PO’ BOY: Greek Orthodox Patriarch Batholomew I blew through Crazytown Saturday like…well, I won’t say it but you know what I’m thinking. (If you do, you should be scared and consider getting help or at least listening to the Beatles album of that name.) Bart the Beard toured the lower Ninth Ward and conducted a service at Holy Trinity Cathedral. For those of you who are not denizens of Topsy Turvy Town Holy Trinity is  smack dab in the middle of a heavily flooded neghborhood. The church itself has been renovated by its flock and is an oasis in the midst of devastation.

Bart the Beard and his fellow prelates were served a plate lunch catered by Mother’s restaurant: gumbo jambalaya and roast beef and ham po-boys with bread pudding for dessert.  Talk about Naturally N’Awlins. I’m sure the Patriarch enjoyed his vittles after all he’s from a food driven culture. That’s why I immediately felt at home in NOLA when I first came here. Like New Orleanians Greeks are born foodies.

I do wonder if they gave Bart the Beard an eccelesiastical bib; a good roast beef po’ boy is moist and messy and Bart has major face hair. Ah the things that interest me…  Btw the local rag never once called Istanbul by its Byzantine handle. I hope the Greek-American Prince’s  heart holds out.

Item-2 THE BUG MAN BUGS OUTTom DeLay is out as House Majority Leader for good thanks to his close ties to slimeball wingnut lobbyist Casino Jack Abramhoff.  Casino Jack was essentially the Bug Man’s bag man. (Try saying that 17 times in a row without tying your tongue in knots. Never gonna happen my friend.)  We *could* sing “Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead” but I suspect that “Won’t Get Fooled Again” is more in order. Anyone the House Republican caucus puts up will be just as bad as the Bug Man. The voters need to fumigate the place next fall.

Item-3 CALL & McRAE FALL IN LOVE: Today Dr. A and I tooled out to Da Palace to see “Brokeback Mountain” along with a packed house of gay men old ladies and bemused yats expecting to see the Duke or maybe even Gabby Hayes. For me it felt like a return engagement to McMurtryland. Larry McMurty a great if erratic novelist   is a co-writer and co-producer of “Brokeback Mountain.” McMurty’s greatest book is “Lonesome Dove” and the taciturn Heath Ledger character is Woodrow Call all over again and Jake Gyllenhaal’s chatty character is Augustus McRae redux.  Also the crappy little town that Ledger lived in is at least kissing kin to the crappy little towns in “The Last Picture Show” and “Hud.”

I *liked* but didn’t love “Brokeback Mountain” I think it’s been overrated because of its unconventional love story. I’m also in the minority in preferring Jake Gyllenhaal’s flamboyant performance to Heath Ledger’s  mumbling loner. Ledger is the one who’s getting the raves I guess it’s because he mumbles like James Dean.  Mumblers always get good reviews; it’s particularly ironic in this case because Heath Ledger actually has a rich melodious speaking voice. In the end I teeter on the edge between giving “Brokeback Mountain” a B or B+”