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Wed, 19 Jul 2006 14:12:02

I posted somewhat in haste yesterday based on the assumption that the press knew what they were talking about. Why on earth did I assume such a thing? I plead temporary insanity. I should know that the media knows absolutely nothing about the legal system. The Memorial Hospital Three were “accused” of murder by the AG but not “charged.” The press assumed more co-operation with the Orleans Parish DA’s office than had really happened. In short Charlie Foti has dumped a 3 ton sack of shit in Eddie Jordan’s lap. Splat.

I think that my colleague Dangerblond cut to the chase in pointing out that Foti’s posturing may have more to do with potential civil cases against Tenet than with a criminal case. If that’s so Foti’s posturing is even more shameful. It is highly unusual to arrest people who have NOT been formally charged in the context of an 11 month long investigation. Mr. Foti was too busy pandering to religious leaders and posturing for the cameras to consider the irregular nature of his actions. I suspect however that Foti was disappointed by the low key national coverage of the initial announcement: they’re too busy covering that pesky Middle Eastern crisis to give Charlie more play.  Sorry Charlie.

Finally I continue to find the allegations by Foti to be incredible: would an experienced MD run around informing staff that she planned to dispatch patients? Not bloody likely. This sounds like a cartoon version of the real world. Patients are eased out of pain and allowed to die in peace every day.  I suspect that the people who scream the loudest about “mercy killing” haven’t seen close friends and relatives die slowly and in agonizing pain. I have and it taught me that there are things that are much worse than death.



Wed, 26 Apr 2006

Item-1 Follow The Money: If anyone hoped to get a brief respite from Mayoral politics after the primary they will be bitterly disappointed. On Tuesday morning both the Picayune and the Librarian guy pondered where Gorilla Ron Forman’s supporters will go now that he’s endorsed Mitch Landrieu. Both pieces came to similar conclusions: follow the money. It’s unclear if those who ponied up for Gorilla Ron will support Mitch or revert to enabling C Ray. In short whither the plutocracy? I think that nouveau riche hustlers like Canizaro and Bollinger may support the man they’ve owned for 4 years BUT old money New Orleans now finds C Ray clownish and gauche. Of course my primary crystal ball turned out to be cracked so Jeffrey could be on the…ahem…money.

I think that where the Forman and Couhig backers land will hinge on more than just greed or even ideology. We’ll see who in Debrisville is truly provincial and who will take a look at the big picture and say: “Holy crap Nagin is a worldwide joke. If he’s re-elected we’ll continue to be ridiculed on a daily basis.”

Here’s hoping that the C Ray cringe factor will be more important than ideology to many conservative voters. They should remember this: to people outside Debrisville C Ray is a joke and a bad one. Trust me he’s a joke to liberals as well as wingnuts. If we give C Ray a pass we’ll be mocked relentlessly. I don’t know about you but I’d rather be the mocker than the mockee…

I’d like to offer a slogan free of charge to the Landrieu camp- Landrieu or Laughing Stock: It’s Your Choice.

It’s time to take one more swipe at shipping maggot…I mean magnate Boysie Bollinger. (What’s up with the doofus nickname? I bet his wife is a sorority girl named Bitsy or Buffy.)  He’s playing a devious double game with his buddy the Mayor. While C Ray is busy extolling the magnate’s virtues Boysie has set up a Republican PAC that plans to use Nagin as its whipping boy in next year’s statewide election. Governor Meemaw will of course be their whipping girl. Jeez this is sounding very kinky. <cueing up “Mondo Bondage” by the Tubes>

Item-2 Chief Of Politics Riley? There’s been a lot of talk lately in the national press about political Generals. In Debrisville we have a political police chief. Warren Riley ran for Criminal Sheriff with C Ray’s backing in a special election in 2004. Riley lost to Marlin Gusman who is a politician so oily that the only time I shook his hand I checked to make sure that my watch wasn’t missing.

Yesterday Chief Riley announced that there was a payroll fraud investigation targeting Captain Harry Mendoza who is the commander of the traffic division. There are allegations by police union honcho Lt. Dave Benelli that the investigation is politically motivated: Mendoza has close ties to the Landrieu family. Riley has denied Benelli’s accusation BUT Mitch Landrieu has pledged if elected   to conduct a national search for a new police chief. Draw your own conclusions…

Judge Elloie Exposé

Fri, 24 Mar 2006 06:16:08

Rambling Preamble: I used to be a small squeaky cog in the criminal justice system and I still keep up with what’s going on. I don’t like the system (who the hell does?) but I understand it and perhaps I can help make sense of it to outsiders; not that it’s remotely logical. If I seem to be extra hard on defendants it’s because I used to defend the little dears and know what they’re really like. On to today’s little exposé of Judicial tomfoolery:

Orleans Parish Criminal Court Judge Charles Elloie is up to his old tricks. He let convicted felon and notorious crack dealer Brian Expose waltz out of the slammer ROR (released on his own recognizance without any bond or bail) after speaking to Expose’s lawyer on the phone. When Expose was arrested he was holding six ounces of crack $190K and two AK-47s. Judge Elloie is essentially too lazy to read police reports or hold contradictory hearings instead of kicking creeps like Expose free after a chat with their mouthpiece. Make that alleged creep…

A 2005 study conducted by the Metropolitan Crime Commission showed that Judge Elloie is: “…responsible for 83 percent of the cases in which a suspect was released after a bail reduction leaving the remaining 17 percent scattered among Elloie’s 11 fellow judges. The study showed that Elloie granted 48 percent of the total ROR bonds.”

Now I’m not a big fan of MCC honcho Rafael Goyeneche who annoys the hell out of me but this is a solid study. And Judge Elloie is seriously out of step with even the more liberal judges at Tulane and Broad. Yo Judge Elloie liberal does not mean “let ’em loose for no fricking reason.”

The Debrisville criminal justice system is in bad enough shape post-K without Judge Elloie’s antics: no money defendants rotting in jail without counsel the indigent defender’s system on hold and on and on and on. Many people think that Elloie is venal or stupid; I think that he’s lazy unfocused and reflexively hostile to the police and DA’s office. I don’t think Judges are supposed to roll over for the cops on every case but this is ridiculous.

Finally I’m glad to report that there’s no truth to the rumor that Judge Elloie and Crazy Kim are dating. Actually there’s no such rumor but the mere thought of starting such a rumor sent a shiver up and down my spine…

End of the Elloie Exposé.”

C Ray’s Car Contract Crashes/Dollar Bill Bribery Probe Update

Thu, 23 Mar 2006 06:00:00

Item-1 C Ray’s Car Contract Crashes: CH2M Hill the company that the Nagin administration planned to pay $23 million to remove dead cars from Debrisville has withdrawn its bid. The company which was not even close to being the lowest bidder   claimed that it was withdrawing because it wanted to serve the best interests of the city. Yeah right. It has nothing to do with the whole thing failing the smell test…

C Ray of course will continue to claim to be a reformer out to protect the city from the machinations of the Landrieus and other evil politicians. As local blogger Schroeder said last night on another subject in his blog People Get Ready: “Ray Ray’s hittin’ the crack pipe again.”

Item-2 Dollar Bill Bribery Probe Update: At the risk of sounding like a broken record 35 days after the WaPo’s front page Dollar Bill Jefferson story the local rag has finally noticed that our Congressman is in big trouble. Prosecutors have issued subpeonas to white shoe NOLA law firm Jones Walker requiring them to produce documents that probably have something to do with Jamila Jefferson who worked for the firm in 2004. That’s a key year in the Dollar Bill bribery inquiry. 2004 is when ex-Jefferson aide Brett Pfeffer has alleged that a thus far nameless Congressman asked him to solicit a bribe from a  telecommunications firm hoping to land a contract in Nigeria. Pfeffer who is Dollar Bill’s worst nightmare also told the feds: “…that the congressman wanted legal work for the African deal to be given to a family member and other work associated with the telecommunications deal be given to another family member for a monthly retainer of between $2 500 and $5 000.”

Jeez who could that be? Jamila Jefferson? Or maybe it’s SATAN he said in his best Church Lady impression. Btw Jamila Jefferson recently withdrew from the race to take Crazy Kim’s place as Clerk Of Criminal Court. The Jefferson machine seems to be on the run at long last…

Disclaimer: It is unclear as of this writing whether or not Jamila Jefferson is suspected of wrong-doing by the Feds.

The next shoe in the Dollar Bill bribery probe may well drop on May 26th which is the date of Brett Pfeffer’s sentencing. Pfeffer copped a plea in exchange for co-operating with the Feds. The Gumbo is getting thicker and thicker and I love to stir the pot…


Mon, 20 Mar 2006 16:31:59

Item-1  Why Get Paid For Abandoned Cars When You Can Pay $23 Million To Have Them Towed? That may set a record for longest item heading in the lifetime of this blog. It’s sort of my answer to Nick Lowe’s (What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace Love and Understanding. Anyway a truly bizarre example of NOLA City Hallthink popped up in yesterday’s Picayune. It seems that a car crushing company is willing to pay Debrisville $100 per car to remove some 50 000 junked flooded and otherwise abandoned vehicles littering our streets. That would add up to $5 million for the nearly empty city coffers. Instead C Ray and his krewe of clones plan to pay $23 million to have someone tow the cars away. While there are some legal issues to be dealt with it’s nearly 7 months post-K and if folks haven’t taken care of their dead cars by now they never will. Besides according to Tulane Law Professor 2002 Mayoral Candidate and all-around good guy Vernon Palmer: “…the law is on the city’s side…Palmer cites city ordinance 66-101 a measure enacted during the Moon Landrieu administration to cope with a glut of abandoned cars that had accumulated over several years.

“They were talking about 2 000 or 3 000 cars and that was considered a crisis ” he noted dryly.

The ordinance is still on the books and it states that “junked abandoned and wrecked vehicles ” can be crushed and dismantled and sold for scrap 15 days after a certified letter is sent to its last known owner Palmer said. History shows the law which essentially turns the junkers into potential cash and leaves the solution to market forces worked.

“It’s not a very complicated way to deal with this ” Palmer said. “Once operators knew they could get the scrap value of the cars that quickly got the job done and they disappeared pretty fast. It seems to me that if you had a contractor operating within the guidelines of the ordinance it could be done.”

So let’s see we either pay out $23 million or someone pays us to remove the dead cars? Seems like a no brainer to everyone but the Nagin administration which specializes in making things worse. It’s also just plain STUPID.

Item-2  Second-Line Shooting In Central City: For the second time post-K some vicious cretin took advantage of a public gathering to shoot and kill someone he had a grudge against. An innocent bystander was also shot and the cops shot the perp in the thigh. Too bad they didn’t aim a bit to the left and give this vicious moron a pain in the johnson…

Item-3  B-Stupid Be Busted:  Sociopathic blood-thirsty idiot Ivory (B-Stupid) Harris was arrested yesterday for killing someone 7 blocks from Adrastos World HQ. He joins his accomplice and fellow gangbanger Jerome (Man Man) Hampton in the slammer.  B-Stupid is also the suspect in a string of evacuee murders in Houston. May he rot in Angola for a very long time…

Sunday Unbloody Sunday

Mon, 13 Mar 2006 04:41:45

Item-1  Oyster and Dem Ersters: On Saturday I asked Oyster how he liked his ersters cooked: he seems to like them any which way but loose. (Hmm that sounds suspiciously like the movie where Clint Eastwood co-starred with an Orangutan before he became an auteur; Clint not the Orang.) Buried in the entry is an explanation of why he adopted the nom de blog of Oyster which features an obscure reference to former Jethro Tull keyboard player David Palmer who had a sex change operation in 2004 and is now known as Dee. And I thought I was the only Debrisville blogger who was ever likely to make a Dee/David Palmer reference. I *am* impressed Oyster. Can a Myron/Myra Breckinridge reference contest be far off? Girls will be boys and boys will be girls…

Item-2  Toy Story: I’ve been wanting an iPod for some time and finally bought one today. It’s a brand spanking new black 60GB one that plays videos and stores picture too. Dr. A is baffled as to why anyone would store pictures on an iPod and she probably has a point. Dr. A wanted to be certain that the Prius would be iPod compatible. I reminded her that Apple was the industry leader in MP3 players. We longtime Mac people are used to being part of a persecuted and disdained minority after all. Jeez now I sound like Crazy Kim…

Care to hear my rationalization for buying the iPod at this point? It’s a doozy. The late lamented Jetta had a 6 disc CD changer which made road trips easier; especially when Oscar the cat was in the backseat singing “Stray Cat Blues.”  (Like Mr. Jagger he *is* a strange stray cat. ) The Prius doesn’t have a changer but it does have MP3 player capability hence the iPod. I simply want to make travel easier on all concerned especially if we have to evacuate the cats again: Oscar gets on Pogo’s nerves and music soothes the savage Oscar and calms the agitated Pogo. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it…

Item-3  The NOLA Criminal Docket: Two great local street names were bandied about by the local press this week. First there’s a arrest warrant out for a suspected murderer known as Be Stupid. This piece of human flotsam’s real name is Ivory Harris and he’s accused of killing someone 6 blocks from Adrastos World HQ. Oops I mean alleged piece of human flotsam. He’s also wanted for murder in Houston. Be Stupid is definitely the sort of Ivory that should be endangered if you know what I mean. He should be withdrawn from the market and clapped in the pokey post haste.

Then there’s gangsta rapper Corey Miller who is known as C Murder. He was convicted of murder by a Jefferson Parish jury in 2003 but his conviction was reversed by the Louisiana Supremes. I wonder if he changed his stage name to C Petty Thief or C Loiterer?

Item-4  Crazy Kim Update: There’s none today but there will be tomorrow. Sorry about that y’all. Covering Crazy Kim is hard work and I had to take a day off. End of Crazy Kim teaser as well as this post.

Confessions Of A Neighborhood Leader

 Sun, 12 Mar 2006 03:17:52

It has NOT been a quiet week in Lake Wobegone. I went to community spirited type meetings two nights in a row. I’m not your basic corporate or organizational type so I’m not fond of committees. The only kind of meetings I like are short ones. But as a post-K neighborhood leader I could go to a meeting every night if so inclined which I’m not. I did however survive the meetings this week without losing my sanity such as it is. <heckling erupts from the virtual bleachers>

Item-1 Showdown In The Hood: There’s an old African-American Methodist church in my area which has been in bad shape for quite some time. Our neighborhood is the Neville’s ancestral turf: the church is not far from both Art’s house and the house his Uncle George (Big Chief Jolly) Landry lived in which was inherited by Charles Neville. It’s Neville country y’all but only Art is here post-K.

I’m a preservationist as well as a nut so I spent several years trying to help save the church along with the good people at the Preservation Resource Center and others. About one year pre-K we thought our ship had come in: someone bought the church who pledged to save it and convert it into 4 condos. It was pretty rickety pre-K so I expected it to come down during the storm. It was still standing but the owner now wants to demolish it. It only gets worse and it was all because of one of those pesky meetings.

The owner/developer called a neighborhood meeting to show us the plans for the new project. It’s uglier than Mr. Moron’s hairy ass y’all. It looks like a badly designed suburban dentist’s office. It gets worse: they want to build a four-story building with 19 condos with the lowest priced ones fetching 275K. The developer is using Katrina as an excuse to stick us with a Yuppie ghetto. Here it is try not to vomit:

To use an inelegant but apt phrase this is a very tall pile of dogshit. The worst thing about a very bad project is that some poor bastard’s house is swallowed up by this monster.

The meeting was tense and featured yelling screaming and accusations of racism. It was as ugly as the building. Fortunately the developers need a zoning variance for this atrocity to be as tall as in the plans. It’s going to be a long struggle. Me I’d rather blog about Crazy Kim than fight some greedhead developer but what can ya do?

Item-2 You Say Debate I Say Forum: It’s election season which means its candidate forum season as well. I’ve staged two in the past and even met two of Dollar Bill’s daughters because Jalila Jefferson was one of our debaters/forumites. Anyway this time I won’t have to do it all alone. Woo-hoo. I met with other neighborhood leaders to plan a forum for candidates running for Council District B which is currently held by Council Clown Gill-Pratfall. This was the civilized meeting; held in the swanky boardroom of  Trinity Episcopal Church in the Garden District. Trinity has a great music program and the boardroom was alive with the sound of music. I looked for Richard Rogers but he wasn’t there; neither was Christopher Plummer he was too busy acting in every movie made in the last 2 years.

This was the civilized meeting which makes me wonder how they screwed up and let me in. Oh that’s right I went with Dr. A. Nobody would bar the door to Dr. A; nobody would even dare.

The most interesting thing about this meeting was that I met Mitch and Mary Landrieu’s sister who is a dead ringer for the Senator. I’m glad she doesn’t have her brother’s hairline…

Item-3 Dollar Bill Jefferson Watch: It’s now been 23 days since the WaPo’s “Dollar Bill better start packing for prison” story and the local press remain in booster mode. It looks like journalistic malpractice to me y’all. It’s relevant:  Dollar Bill’s machine is cranking up for its candidates including Gill-Pratfall. Wake up local newsies.

 Gandhi, Mandela, Parks, King and Crazy Kim

Fri, 10 Mar 2006 06:09:23

The title of this entry sounds like an SAT question (at least when I took it in the paleolithic era) which one of these names doesn’t belong? Or is that which one is insane? My money’s on KWB…

Missing out on Crazy Kim’s exit from the pokey makes me feel like a slacker blogger.  Here’s why it took me so long to flame her: I had lunch with Dr. A the Bird Lady and Judy In Disguise at Cafe Degas. Then Dr. A and I went car shopping to replace our beloved and now officially totaled Jetta Wagon; to our surprise we bought a car. We are now official as opposed to unofficial tree-huggers. We bought a Prius. It’s a pretty amazing automobile the control panel is more like a computer than a car. It’s a bit tricky but we’ll get the hang of it: it made us feel like Picard and Riker. Of course Dr. A has a helluva lot more hair than Picard and I have a helluva lot less than Riker. <sigh> End of endless Star Trek TNG reference and back to our martyred heroine.

I gotta give Crazy Kim credit for gall chutzpah audacity; you name it she’s full of it. One thing she’s NOT is unpredictable. But it takes a lot of nerve as well a few loose screws to say rubbish like this:

“I committed no criminal act ” she said. “I was confined for my convictions.” Butler said that giving up her power on the order of nine judges would have been to invalidate the people who voted her in to office.

Butler who announced her candidacy for mayor last week after finally appearing in court then drew parallels between her and other noted historical figures. “I consider myself among many heroes ” she said to a gathering of supporters and local media. “Heroes like Rosa Parks Dr. Martin Luther King heroes like Gandhi and Nelson Mandela.”

Reading about Mad Kim’s 72 hours of suffering choked me up; or did it make me want to choke her? I get confused easily. I was particularly touched by the way she compared herself to the great Nelson Mandela. I think she’s on to something (or is that on something?) Crazy Kim was in jail for 3 days; Mandela for 25 plus years. Crazy Kim whines incessantly and blames everyone but herself for her woes. When Mandela emerged from jail he forgave his enemies never whined never complained and destroyed apartheid by peaceful means. Damn they’re so alike they remind me of Chang and Eng. Maybe Kimba’s campaign slogan should be Crazy Kim & Nelson Mandela: Peas In A Pod. Now that I think of it there *is* a Mandela who Crazy Kim reminds me of: the great man’s lunatic ex-wife Winnie.

I want to be fair to Crazy Kim and take a brief look at the other names she invoked:

Mohandas Gandhi? Not unless she starts wearing a loincloth and stops wearing those big ass earrings. Kimba’s not even like Indira Gandhi; the latter actually accomplished something. Indira and Kim do have one thing in common other than martyrdom and a flair for drama: gender. Unlike Indira Crazy Kim won’t go to war with Pakistan but if elected Mayor I worry that she’d declare war on Bogalusa…

Rosa Parks? Crazy Kim and the late Ms. Parks are both African-American women. I don’t recall Rosa Parks wearing earrings bigger than manhole covers a la Crazy Kim but I’m not certain. Howzabout another campaign slogan: Rosa Parks Fought For Civil Rights So Crazy Kim Could Make An Ass Of Herself. It’s long but it’s sorta catchy.

Martin Luther King? Let’s see both MLK and KWB are martyrs. Using Crazy Kim style logic being publicly ridiculed by C Ray is just as bad as being murdered. This gives me an idea for a Crazy Kim campaign song: U2’s “Pride In the Name Of Love” with Kimba friendly lyrics.  Or she could adapt the Neville Brothers song “Sister Rosa ” the possibilities are as endless as Crazy Kim’s self pity.

What would I do without Crazy Kim? I gotta enjoy this while it lasts: there are only 45 days until election day. After that I won’t have Crazy Kim to kick around any more. Of course there was a new Nixon after his 1962 loss to Pat Brown so perhaps there will be a new Less Crazy Kim. God only knows that she needs an extreme mental makeover OR better meds…”

 It’s A Crazy Kim Sign Of The Times/The Boss Does Jazz Fest

Wed, 08 Mar 2006 19:59:54

Item-1 It’s A Crazy Kim Sign Of The Times: Just when I was suffering from Crazy Kim withdrawal syndrome which causes one to embarrass oneself in public and wear humongous earrings I saw this in the local rag’s account of the Mayoral debate“A few hours before the telecast began another odd chapter in the ongoing soap opera starring Butler unfolded outside the federal courthouse where she was sentenced Monday. About 30 supporters picketed on her behalf carrying either fluorescent pink or green handwritten posters: “Honk to Free Kimberly ” “Kimberly for Mayor” and “Kim Possible.”

But no members of the crowd which included several teen-agers and children were willing to say why they were there or how they knew the clerk. “We can’t comment ” one man said as he marched past with his sign in front of U.S. District Court. “The sign says more than enough.”

I wonder if the Five Man Electrical Band were there playing their moldy oldie “Signs.” It *was* an anti-establishment tune after all:
“Sign sign everywhere a sign. Blockin’ out the scenery breakin’ my mind. Do this don’t do that can’t you read the sign?”

Of course Crazy Kim flies a different kind of freak flag than the hippies in the song but a freak is a freak is a freak. Of course in the vernacular of the early Seventies Crazy Kim is a Jesus freak man. Time for the obligatory Zappa reference when the word freak is used: hungry freaks daddy. Ahh I love blogging; where else could you couple Zappa and Kimba? One is alas long dead whereas the other is merely brain dead…

Back to what passes for reality in the Crazy Kim saga. If I had one I’d bet the ranch that the peeps picketing were either Kim’s employees or members of her bible thumping church.

Item-2 The Boss Does Jazz Fest: Quint Davis made a lot of people’s day when he announced that Bruce Springsteen will be playing Jazz Fest. The Boss and the Seeger Sessions Band will be closing out the first weekend of the Fest on Sunday April 30th. Now I may have to break down and go to the fricking Acura Stage for the first time in years.

It’s unclear who will be in the band but they’ll obviously be playing songs from Bruce’s upcoming album “We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions.” The album will consist of 13 folk songs associated with the great Pete Seeger.

Welcome back to Debrisville Bruce.

Below two American heroes. I think John Kerry just spotted Crazy Kim in the crowd and is telling Bruce they need to tough it out; no retreat no surrender:

The Unholy Trinity: Crazy Kim, C Ray & Oliver

Tue, 07 Mar 2006 16:33:51

That’s just a catchy title. As y’all know I like Oliver Thomas but I do think he should have stuck to his guns and not backed down just because he’s a nice guy. I should ask Mike Hammer to advise Oliver on being a hard ass. On with the circus:

Item-1 Crazy Kim and The Judges: As everyone knows Crazy Kim is in the slammer today. Neither she nor her lawyer was willing to apologize to the Judges until AFTER they sentenced her to jail. Her lawyer should also be jailed for contempt AND for giving Kimba preposterous legal advice. Repeat after me: malpractice. I cannot believe that they stood up in front of a panel of Judges and the best they could come up with was: I changed my mind and I didn’t want to do it. Even after hearing these ridiculous arguments Judge Johnson gave her every chance to avoid jail. The whole thing was about publicity and drama.

The irony is that before pulling her nutty antics Crazy Kim might have had a case against the merits of the Supreme Court’s ordering her to appoint Ed Lombard to deal with FEMA. It’s not clear if they can tell her how to run her office. This sorry episode illustrates why we need to combine the two clerks offices and make the sole clerk of courts an appointive civil service position. The Judges should run their courts not some wild-eyed crazy politician. We also should make the registrar of voters the chief elections officer in the parish. There’s no logical reason that the clerk of criminal court should run elections. Welcome to pre-K Crazytown y’all.

Item-2 C Ray- They Don’t Look Like Us: Yes folks that’s a direct quote from C Ray to a group of African-American exiles in Houston. He’s describing most of the rest of the Mayoral candidates. You don’t have to be a Repub to pose the following question: what if Peggy Wilson or Mitch Landrieu went to the Rex Den or Boston club and said the same thing about C Ray? They’d be pilloried and rightly so.

C Ray has obviously decided that playing divide and conquer is the only way he can get re-elected. I think that dealing the race card from the bottom of the deck is a mistake. It probably forfeits any chance C Ray had of regaining the goodwill he had  pre-K. Then he was looking at a landslide re-election victory without a serious challenger. He used to be that popular. I think a better strategy would be to admit mistakes say he’s learned from them and remind people how much they liked him on 8/28/05.

C Ray may eke out a victory this way BUT look at what has happened to a certain President’s support this year. In both 2002 and 2004 the Bushies demonized vilified and lied about their opponents. They dried up the reservoir of goodwill that US Presidents usually have for Presidents of either party. Now Bush’s approval ratings are between 34% to 39% in the polls and headed lower towards Carter/Nixon/Truman country. That’s the poisoned fruit of Earl Rove of Turd Blossom’s scorched earth tactics and if C Ray is re-elected taking the low road he’ll face the same sort of problems.

Something else that bothers me is that the local press has ducked his latest controversy; they’re back in booster mode. BUT there is one exception: Ace Picayune political columnist Stephanie Grace tackles the issue head-on. Way to go Stephanie.

As always a musical reference springs to mind the Peter Gabriel classic “Not One Of Us.” No no no you’re not one of us. I wonder if C Ray sings this tune to his Repub magnate friends like Joe Cannizzaro and Boysie Bollinger…

Item-3 Oliver Twisted? Council Prez Oliver Thomas addressed the same group C Ray spoke to and expressed regret over using the term “soap opera watchers” about projects residents. But his substantive position remained unchanged. It’s a pity that Oliver beat a tactical retreat in front of dour political types who wouldn’t know a memorable phrase if it hit them upside the head. He could have called the minority of projects residents much worse things and still have been telling the truth. The terms crack ho junkie wife beater and gangbanger spring to mind to apply to roughly 5% to 10% of the former residents of various projects in Debrisville. It was a minority that terrorized the majority of residents who just want to live in peace. Those folks don’t want their predators back either so why should groups like ACORN?

Item-4 Dollar Bill Watch: It has now been 19 days since the WaPo published its “Dollar Bill is going down” article. The local press continues to ignore the story.