Family Affair Redux: The Formans, Heatons & Arnolds

Sat, 11 Feb 2006 15:29:35

Item-1  Sally Forman’s Resignation Love Letter: Leave it to the gossipy New Orleans politics column in the local rag to help fill in some of the blanks on the Forman Saga. They published former flack Forman’s resignation letter which sounds like either a Valentine or an endorsement of C Ray. Check this  out: “Forman who until just a few days before Ron Forman’s announcement was telling reporters she was sure her husband would not run concluded the letter to Nagin: “I know we will continue our friendship for years to come and look forward to supporting your efforts to Bring New Orleans Back!”

Ms. Forman said that she was quitting to focus on her family but made no mention of the elephant in the room: her mayor wannabe husband Gorilla Ron. Yeah I know that was a mixed animal metaphor but it’s cold here so my brain is frozen. 

Here’s a fortune cookie-like summary of today’s lesson in family values: Debrisville politics are like a box of animal crackers and a political spouse must understand animal husbandry. Please pass the Kung Po chicken…

Item-2 Family Ties & the 7 Dwarfs: The sitcom titles keep flying here at the Adrastos Virtual Cafe. The family ties in question have nothing to do with Michaels J Fox or Gross. (I’ll get to Michael Brown later today or tomorrow.) We’re talking the Orleans Parish Tax Assessors aka the 7 Dwarfs. Yesterday a state house committee killed the bill that would transform the 7 Dwarfs into the Jolly Green Giant. Two of the members voting to kill the change were: Alex Heaton the brother of  current assessor Sleepy Heaton who succeeded their father; and Jeff Arnold whose father Grumpy under assesses property on the West Bank.
In fact my assessor Dopey Coman just followed his mother into office and she in turn succeeded her husband. 

Both Heaton and Arnold denied that there was any conflict of interest in voting to save Sleepy and Grumpy’s jobs. Instead of family values this involves family valuations or the lack thereof…

I don’t usually give a damn about goo-goo issues like this one but I hate blatant nepotism. And the 7 Dwarfs are more dynastic than the Bushs Clintons and the Windsors combined. Yo Dwarfs if the Big Apple and Chicago can muddle through with only 1 assessor so can the Big Uneasy.


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