A Conspiracy Of Bald Guys: Couhig Endorses C Ray

Thu, 04 May 2006 05:00:00

Well well well: Rob Couhig has endorsed C Ray. I’m not surprised and here’s one reason why: Couhig is a good Repub and the Louisiana Republican party has a vested interest in keeping C Ray in office. They’ve already run negative ads featuring Governor Meemaw and C Ray in a special election in Northern Louisiana. We know that C Ray and Meemaw loathe one another but the Repubs don’t care: they’re both Dems and they’re both incompetent. Blanco-Nagin will be the Louisiana Repub’s equivalent of the Dole-Gingrich mantra used so well by the Clinton re-election campaign in 1996.

Another reason for the endorsement is that C Ray was willing to whore himself to Couhig to win his support. The two seem to have some sort of deal even though they’re being deliberately vague about what it entails. I also noticed ex-Repub state legislator and ex-Nagin aide Gary Forster lurking in the background at the endorsement ceremony. It was probably the first time Couhig and Forster have spent much time on Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard. I don’t think Robbo got a lot of votes in predominantly black Central City…

The Landrieu camp countered with endorsements from DA Eddie Jordan Sheriff Marlin Gusman and PANO honcho Lt. Dave Benelli among others. (For the acronymically challenged PANO is the police officers union.) The folks who run Mitch’s campaign are real pros who know how to counter punch in a disciplined fashion. C Ray of course is legendary for his lack of discipline. I expect it to catch up with him eventually during this phase of the campaign; at least I hope it will. I’d like to be able to travel without being mocked because we re-elected a human punch line as Mayor.

I think that Mitch can spin the Couhig endorsement in his favor; especially with potential black crossover voters. It’s time to trot out the Ray Reagan thing and remind African-American voters that C Ray is a closet Repub who gave money to the Beavis-Duce ticket in 2000. I can just imagine the radio ads: “Why do Joe Canizaro Boysie Bollinger and Rob Couhig support Ray Nagin? They own him. It’s all about money power and one of the largest land grabs in American history. Don’t let Joe Canizaro buy up New Orleans East for pennies on the dollar.” Hey I don’t have the wording down but that’s the gist of something that might air on WYLD.

I know some of the local pundits will say that the Couhig endorsement was about ideology but that’s nonsense. Ideology is usually irrelevant in Louisiana politics: money and power are what really matter. Call me a cynic but that’s how I see it. We in Debrisville have many reasons to be cynical. Hell everyone in the good old US of A does too for that matter: look who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. ‘Nuff said y’all.


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