Thu, 18 May 2006 13:31:57

Another day another post about the decline and fall of Congressman Dollar Bill Jefferson. There were two pieces in the local rag this morning about our hopefully soon to be former Congressman. The first story about the House Ethics Committee opening an investigation into Dollar Bill was buried on page 18. I hate to be fair to the Picayune but this really was one of those “all in all it’s just another brick in the wall” stories.

The second Dollar Bill piece is by my homey ace Picayune political columnist Stephanie Grace. It’s written in the form of an epistolary reply to Dollar Bill’s statement the other day. I particularly enjoyed this “in yo’ face” passage:

You all but predicted that an indictment is looming yet you vowed to stay in office to fight the allegations for as long as it takes even if it takes years. You asked us your constituents for understanding and patience and you apologized for the “the predicament we are now enduring together.”

But I’m here to say that it’s not my predicament. I live in post-Katrina New Orleans which means that like the rest of your district I’ve got predicaments of my own.

So sorry Congressman but this one’s all on you.”

That’s tellin’ him Stephanie.  It’s a red letter day here at the Adrastos Virtual Cafe. <groaning at his own sight gag>

It’s a pity that Dollar Bill’s looming troubles won’t impact his machine’s GOTV (get out the vote) effort on behalf of his assessor sister Betty and his lackey Renee Gill-Pratfall. I had hoped that would happen in the primary but Dollar Bill’s paid poll workers were out in force. But Saturday may well be the last hurrah for the Jefferson machine as we know and loathe it.

Finally my NOLA blogging colleague dangerblond had an excellent post the other day about both the Sopranos and the Bill Jeffersons. The latter family is no longer movin’ on up because they got greedy and took too big a slice of the pie…


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