MALAKA OF THE DAY: SEAN PAYTON Tue, 23 Sep 2008 17:08:33

I usually leave the sports blogging to Dillyberto Mr. Clio Mr. Gloomy Pants and the late great Perfesser. They’re better informed about the hometown NFL team than I am BUT Saints Head Coach Sean Payton has been making what the Brits would call a right prat of himself.

Payton seems to have sucumbed to what could be called “coaching genius syndrome” after signing his contract extension. In short Payton thinks he’s smarter than everyone else which has led to his outsmarting himself. The Saints have now lost two games they should have won in part due to Payton’s sense of papal infallibility coaching division as well as to the team’s inability to run the ball.

The thing however that makes Payton a malaka involves his use or lack thereof of veteran running back Deuce McAllister. Deuce has suited up for all three games and has carried the ball only twice. By his own admission Deuce is not the player he was in his prime BUT if he’s 75% of the old Deuce he’s still a good player and one with more heart and hustle than Payton’s pet Reggie (Douchebag) Bush.

The short yardage situations in Denver screamed for a power runner like Deuce. Instead he stood on the sidelines and watched the team fail repeatedly. Payton’s response: Deuce’s time will come. The Picayune’s John DeShazier made an excellent point this morning: if Deuce can’t help the team why dress him? LINK. How much worse could he have done than Pierre Thomas? Of course Pierre is one of Payton’s guys and he inherited Deuce. Nuff said.

Payton should swallow his pride and stop strutting around like President Beavis on Mission Accomplished day. Payton had a great first season but is now 19-18 in New Orleans. That record hardly makes him the reincarnation of Vince Lombardi. So Coach stop being such a malaka and either play Deuce or cut him. If he plays well the team looks good and if he’s washed up as you seem to think you’ll be proven right about him which you’ll like since you always think you’re right.

One more thing: I wonder when Jeffrey will start clamoring for Coach Soupy’s head. He’s in favor of  Les Miles getting fired by LSU even *after* the national championship. Is he consistent or merely a contrarian? Look on the bright side Pants if Payton gets fired before the end of his contract Tom Benson is out a bundle.


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