Fri, 16 Jun 2006 01:07:40

Item-1 DOLLAR BILL UPDATE: The House Democratic Caucus should be voting soon on whether to strip Dollar Bill Jefferson of his Ways and Means committee seat. (No dangerblond not that kind of stripping get your mind out of the gutter.) He lost some key support yesterday in the House Black Caucus. Two of that group’s most distinguished members John Lewis of Georgia and Charlie Rangel of New York plan to vote against Jefferson. Dollar Bill has now lost Atlanta and Harlem can Debrisville be far behind?

There have also been several interesting pieces posted about Dollar Bill’s wheelin’ and dealin’. Harper’s Online’s Ken Silverstein has been all over this story and even the Picayune took a break from protecting C Ray and published an article about a “loan” obtained by our Klepto Congressman. Alas my friend Stephanie Grace misfired the other day in her TP column when she urged the caucus not to vote against Dollar Bill because it would punish his home folks. It *really* won’t have that effect: the minority has NO power in the House of Reps; especially under the Coach/Bug Man regime. Yeah I know the Bug Man is gone but he’s still the insect pulling Denny Hastert’s strings. Hastert is to DeLay as OK Allen was to Huey Long. Jeez now I’m channeling the SAT…

As we all know the other day in Chi-town C Ray was back in full tilt “Katrina was God’s revenge” mode He was quoted in the Chicago Tribune and many blogs but not in his hometown newspaper.  And yes there was some good news  in the form of the AFL-CIO’s investment in NOLA BUT these comments were still newsworthy.

C Ray was also interviewed by Eric Paulsen on WWL’s 6 O’Clock news without being asked about his regurgitated comments. In short the local press corps is back in booster/Ray Ray is our man man mode. Maybe the NOLA blogosphere should have a pool as to when the local MSM will deign to mention C Ray’s outburst in front of Jesse, Maxine and all the other folks who think that he’s a civil rights hero. Boy did they get the wrong  number…


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