Bits & Bobs

Mon, 06 Mar 2006 16:50:41

I *do* plan to do an Oscar overview but that’ll have to wait. Life is in the way of such a vast undertaking this morning. How’s that for an excuse? I thought it was pretty good myself; much better than the dog ate the homework or the cat shat on said homework excuse.

Item-1 NOMA Returns:
That’s the New Orleans Museum of Art for my out of town readers. NOMA re-opened with a bang this weekend: live music food arts and crafts the exhumation of famous local artist Enrique Alferez. I made that last bit up. Thanks to its very clever director John Bullard and some very generous benefactors NOMA is for now open free of charge to Louisiana residents. If that ain’t you tell them you know Adrastos and they’ll probably throw you out on your ass…Hey that’s what I’d do if you mentioned my name. I guess I’ve been hanging out with Mike Hammer too much.

Dr. A and I went to NOMA yesterday. It was a gorgeous day so we spent part of our time in NOMA’s wonderful sculpture garden which is named for the Besthoffs; the folks who co-owned the much missed local drugstore chain  K & B. Pronounced kay bees by local yats. Things haven’t been the same since they sold out to Wrong Aid. End of ain’t dere no more digression. I seem to be chaneling local songwriter and all around yat wackjob   Benny Grunch

Anyway one of the exhibits we saw inside was of 64 photos from the permanent collection. I was pleased to see that Adrastos reader and local photo whiz Jen Shaw was represented with her nifty photo entitled “Barber Pest Control.” I used to live a few blocks from Barber but always crossed the street so they wouldn’t spray me. Pests like me can’t take any chances…

Item-2 Stephanie Grace Uncle Earl and Crazy Kim: Ace Picayune political columnist Stephanie Grace conjures up the spirit of Earl K. Long in the wake of Crazy Kim’s antics. Stephanie wonders if Uncle Earl’s  ghost is whispering in Kimba’s ear. I dunno Stephanie I think Uncle Earl would keep several parishes between himself and Mad Kim.

Yeah I know Uncle Earl went bonkers briefly and ran around the state with Blaze Starr back in 1959. BUT Uncle Earl was also a competent Governor and a master politician; nobody’s ever accused Crazy Kim of competence. Also one of the reasons folks thought Uncle Earl had lost it was that he started advocating equal rights for black folks. If that’s crazy I’ll have me a big glass of crazy on the rocks with bourbon…


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