Heroes Of The Storm

Thu, 02 Mar 2006 06:00:00

I nearly forgot to mention something really great that happened during Carnival. Dr. A and I met for the first time 2 people who helped us (and many other people) while we were in exile. In the first 5 to 7 days post-K Dr. A and I were cut off from all news reports except for the shrill and hysterical take of the national press; everything Uptown was the Garden District to those fools. If knowledge was power we were completely powerless. And scared apprehensive frightened nervous jittery; you name it.

The internet was our salvation. A few days after the storm I began to track down friends and neighbors and tried to recreate my neighborhood email list so that we could exchange whatever information we could glean. I also started reading the bulletin boards at NOLA.com which is the Picayune’s web site. It was there that I had my virtual encounter with Erin McGlothiln who was posting as Daisy Cat. Erin’s brother Drew the taxi driver lives 6 blocks from me. He didn’t evacuate pre-K and stayed in town as long as he could post-K. Drew’s land line never stopped working and he kept in touch with his sister on the phone. And Erin posted what she heard from Drew online. It was via Erin’s reports that I first learned that the flood waters had ebbed at St. Charles Avenue and that there were no signs of looting in my neighborhood. I emailed Erin and asked her if Drew could check my house out on one of his walks. Thanks to Drew I learned that while the Moron’s tree *had* hit our house there seemed to be minimal damage to the house itself. We were able to take a deep breath and kind of relax knowing that our worst fears were not realized. And Dr. A and I were not the only people helped by Drew and Erin.

So last Saturday I finally met Drew and Erin and thanked them for their help. They both insisted that they hadn’t done that much and their modesty endeared them even more to me.  They were fear eradication specialists for many Uptown exiles when things were at their murkiest and we’ll never forget what they did. Thanks again y’all.


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