Thu, 02 Mar 2006 20:05:26

Yeah I’m back to doing the day of the week title thing. What can I say? Ya gotta call ’em something. Lt. Colonel Owen Thursday was Henry Fonda’s loony and racist character in John Ford’s “Fort Apache.” Fonda and John Wayne played roles that turned their real life politics upside down in this classic Western: Fonda the Lib Dem played a warmongering bigot and Wayne the wingnut chickenhawk played a character who wanted to keep the peace with the Apaches. This has very little to do with today’s post but when did that ever stop me before? But now that I think of it Owen Thursday was a nutjob and so is Kimberly Butler Williamson. In the picture below she’s even wearing an outfit that looks vaguely like a Union cavalry uniform. Here they are the martyr and the martinet:

Item-1 Wanted: Crazy Kim- Clerk Of Criminal District Court and professional martyr/victim Kimberly Butler Williamson made the front page of the Picayune today. One of KBW’s staff said that she was hiding out in “an undisclosed location.” I wonder if she’s moved into the bunker next door to VP Duce? They could have their own sitcom with KBW as the zany next door neighbor. Of course if il Duce spent more than 13 minutes with Crazy Kim he might be tempted to open fire…

Back to what passes for reality in Crazy Kim Town. KBW’s spokesman Keith Barnes: “…compared the courts’ action to that of a corrupt cop demanding a payoff from a blameless citizen.

“A police officer has the authority to pull you over but he doesn’t have the authority to say ‘Give me the cash out of your pocket ‘ ” Barnes said.

Neither will Butler abide such illegal dictates Barnes said even if they are coming from district court and the state Supreme Court.”

Yo Kooky Keith a court order is inherently legal until contested in (guess where?) a court room. Crazy Kim needs to stop acting as if the law doesn’t apply to loons like her hire a lawyer and fight the order the old-fashioned American way via litigation.

Chief Judge Calvin Johnson just issued an arrest warrant for KBW. I know Judge Johnson and I’m sure that he did this very reluctantly. Who wants to provide a soapbox for a lunatic after all. Hmm maybe she and C Ray have made up and she’s doing this to make him look sane. Nah that would be too clever and competent for either of them…

Item-2 A New Foe For Council Clown Gill-Pratfall- Good news for those of us who are rabidly anti-Gill-Pratfall: a serious African-American candidate has entered the Council District B race. Rev. Marshall Truehill is the head of Total Community Action which is a group based in Central City that does all sorts of good stuff.

Rev. Truehill used to be President of the City Planning Commission (CPC) and I had the chance to see him operate. He’s very smart and tends to be pro-neighborhood association as opposed to the incumbent who is as dumb as a bag of hammers and hates neighborhood associations. Rev. Truehill is also an ally of ex-Council Prez Jim Singleton and current Council Prez Oliver Thomas which means that he’ll have plenty of people ready to help him whup Ms. Gill-Pratfall’s worthless ass. I was pessimistic about the chances for knocking the incumbent off when the rest of the field were all white lawyers. Truehill’s entry changes things. My fingers are crossed that we might soon be able to sing “Nah nah nah nah hey hey goodbye” to Council Clown Gill-Pratfall. Good luck to *all* the challengers.

Item-3  President Beavis: A Liar Asleep At The Switch Or Both?- The video obtained by the AP refutes  claims made by Beavis and Homeland Insecurity Honcho Chertoff that they didn’t know how bad Katrina could be. Apparently Beavis only spoke once at the meeting: promising local authorities maximum assistance. He didn’t ask any questions or show any interest whatsoever. I don’t know about y’all but I vote BOTH on the question I posed above. Beavis is a practiced experienced liar; it’s the only thing he’s any good at.


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