The Unholy Trinity: Crazy Kim, C Ray & Oliver

Tue, 07 Mar 2006 16:33:51

That’s just a catchy title. As y’all know I like Oliver Thomas but I do think he should have stuck to his guns and not backed down just because he’s a nice guy. I should ask Mike Hammer to advise Oliver on being a hard ass. On with the circus:

Item-1 Crazy Kim and The Judges: As everyone knows Crazy Kim is in the slammer today. Neither she nor her lawyer was willing to apologize to the Judges until AFTER they sentenced her to jail. Her lawyer should also be jailed for contempt AND for giving Kimba preposterous legal advice. Repeat after me: malpractice. I cannot believe that they stood up in front of a panel of Judges and the best they could come up with was: I changed my mind and I didn’t want to do it. Even after hearing these ridiculous arguments Judge Johnson gave her every chance to avoid jail. The whole thing was about publicity and drama.

The irony is that before pulling her nutty antics Crazy Kim might have had a case against the merits of the Supreme Court’s ordering her to appoint Ed Lombard to deal with FEMA. It’s not clear if they can tell her how to run her office. This sorry episode illustrates why we need to combine the two clerks offices and make the sole clerk of courts an appointive civil service position. The Judges should run their courts not some wild-eyed crazy politician. We also should make the registrar of voters the chief elections officer in the parish. There’s no logical reason that the clerk of criminal court should run elections. Welcome to pre-K Crazytown y’all.

Item-2 C Ray- They Don’t Look Like Us: Yes folks that’s a direct quote from C Ray to a group of African-American exiles in Houston. He’s describing most of the rest of the Mayoral candidates. You don’t have to be a Repub to pose the following question: what if Peggy Wilson or Mitch Landrieu went to the Rex Den or Boston club and said the same thing about C Ray? They’d be pilloried and rightly so.

C Ray has obviously decided that playing divide and conquer is the only way he can get re-elected. I think that dealing the race card from the bottom of the deck is a mistake. It probably forfeits any chance C Ray had of regaining the goodwill he had  pre-K. Then he was looking at a landslide re-election victory without a serious challenger. He used to be that popular. I think a better strategy would be to admit mistakes say he’s learned from them and remind people how much they liked him on 8/28/05.

C Ray may eke out a victory this way BUT look at what has happened to a certain President’s support this year. In both 2002 and 2004 the Bushies demonized vilified and lied about their opponents. They dried up the reservoir of goodwill that US Presidents usually have for Presidents of either party. Now Bush’s approval ratings are between 34% to 39% in the polls and headed lower towards Carter/Nixon/Truman country. That’s the poisoned fruit of Earl Rove of Turd Blossom’s scorched earth tactics and if C Ray is re-elected taking the low road he’ll face the same sort of problems.

Something else that bothers me is that the local press has ducked his latest controversy; they’re back in booster mode. BUT there is one exception: Ace Picayune political columnist Stephanie Grace tackles the issue head-on. Way to go Stephanie.

As always a musical reference springs to mind the Peter Gabriel classic “Not One Of Us.” No no no you’re not one of us. I wonder if C Ray sings this tune to his Repub magnate friends like Joe Cannizzaro and Boysie Bollinger…

Item-3 Oliver Twisted? Council Prez Oliver Thomas addressed the same group C Ray spoke to and expressed regret over using the term “soap opera watchers” about projects residents. But his substantive position remained unchanged. It’s a pity that Oliver beat a tactical retreat in front of dour political types who wouldn’t know a memorable phrase if it hit them upside the head. He could have called the minority of projects residents much worse things and still have been telling the truth. The terms crack ho junkie wife beater and gangbanger spring to mind to apply to roughly 5% to 10% of the former residents of various projects in Debrisville. It was a minority that terrorized the majority of residents who just want to live in peace. Those folks don’t want their predators back either so why should groups like ACORN?

Item-4 Dollar Bill Watch: It has now been 19 days since the WaPo published its “Dollar Bill is going down” article. The local press continues to ignore the story.


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